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It is time of miracles (part 01)

  • Topic: It is time of miracles (part 01)
  • Warm up: Do you want to see a miracle happen in your life;

Passage 1 King 18.41-45

Introduction:Miracle is a supernatural intervention of God in someone´s live, bringing blessing, transformation, freedom and changes. The bible is full of reports of miracles, healing, appaearances, setting free, the sun stopping, the see openning, the walking on water, the flowting hatchet, etc.


Passage 1 king 18.41-46 shows us a miracle; after 3 and a half years of dryness, Elijah prays and it rains. In James 5 17-18, there is a meaningfull reminding of God about Elijah, that he was a man subjected to the same passions that we are.

Several times we need God´s supernatural intervention in our lives, we need a miracle ( even if it´s just to turn the truth clear like Paul did in acts 9 )

To a miracle happen, it is necessary:


1-Beleiving– (v. 41) Hebrews 11.6, tells us that is necessary to beleive that God is the Granter of those who seek him. Elijah heard the sound of abounding rain without a cloud in the sky, what Elijah heard was the eco of God´s voice in his heart, he yet didin´t see anything, but by faith he could hear the rain. We need to beleive, so that we can star listening to the sound of God´s promises, the sound of the miracles arriving.


2- Seek God (v.42) Elijah goes up the mont Carmel to seek God – To go up the mont Carmel- is a significant sentence, in fact is a challenge of God,if there is a promise and we beleive in it we should seek God, so the miracle can become true.


3-Perseverance (v.43-44) Elijah seeks God until the cloud shows up, his young man goes up the hill seven times without passing out. Several times times we start seeking the Lord but give up (for many reasons) and then we lose the blessing, we lose to see a concrete miracle. We need to seek until the promises became true, until the dryness ends and abounding rain happens. We need to seek until the promised miracle happen and continue seeking to delight the miracle.


Conclusion– Although God doesn´t make acception of people (for not having favorite children )and the promises are for those who beleive, many don´t live the miracle, why; maybe the secret is on the perseverance. Miracle has it´s price, men don´t need to see the pay, but it´s necessery the perseverance, God will make a miracle when you beleive, seek him and have persevere (persist).

Do you wish to seek God´s miracles in your life; So raise your hand and let´s pray


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